Among Equals is a social enterprise founded by Caroline Sherman to empower women and their families across three communities in Papua New Guinea.

Each beautiful, vividly-coloured or natural fibre Bilum bag unearths the weaver's unique stories and heirloom designs, connecting the bag and its creator to socially conscious fashion and art lovers around the world. 

We customise and embellish each Bilum bag with pom poms, tassels and a gold amulet to create the ultimate expression of functional beauty, with the strength to carry your life’s possessions.

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Discover more about the women who make our bags.

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Among Equals

Our mission is to sell 5000 Bilum bags by 2022, reinvesting 100% of our profits along the way to advance the lives of 100 or more Papua New Guinean women and their families. Our efforts so far have stretched across three communities and also funded the construction of The Blue Haus, a safe shelter for the women to weave and produce Bilum bags.

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